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Summer / Winter Handicap

The Salford Harrier Club Summer/Winter Handicap is a twice yearly event in August and December. Dating back, many of Salford Harriers best runners have donned there running kit and set out on the very tough 2 lap course of Boggart Hole Clough with the aim of becoming the newly crowned Club Handicap Champion. 


Since 2018, the winter handicap has been held at the last Heaton parkrun before christmas. 

Course record holders are Carl Hardman (15:52) and Bev Simons (17:54).


Summer Winners

2021 - Paul Stephens

2019 - Bev Simons 

2018 - Gary Thomasson

2017 - Roe Bowness

2016 - Paul Simons

Winter Winners


2019 - Paul Creighton

2017 - James Kovacs

2016 - Bob Towell

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