Welcome to Salford Harriers and Athletics Club. We are a friendly, supportive and dynamic bunch of runners based in North Manchester whose clubhouse and changing rooms are at the rear of the Bluebell Pub on Moston Lane. We train weekly: Track sessions are at Sports City, Manchester, road sessions are from FC United and a number of different groups train at weekends nearby in Heaton Park. Competitively, we field a large number of teams in all major regional and national championship road and cross-country events (senior and veteran), where we regularly gain victories and medals whilst also giving runners of all standards the opportunity to take part and develop. We have a particularly keen interest in recruiting young people so as to continue our high standards and maintain our good name in athletics circuits.



Salford 10K - Good Friday 25th March 2016 - See tab above to enter



"Best decision I ever made was to take the plunge and join Salford Harriers! I was made to feel really welcome despite not being at the same standard as other members, and I love running with other like minded people.  I only joined 5 months ago and have already achieved three PBs!! The variation in training is great! They're a mad lot but that is all the more reason to join!"  Hayley Winder 37(New Member)


"Joined Salford Harriers in 2011 after 23 years at former club. Everybody was very welcoming and I love the camaraderie and competitive nature of the club.  Ever present in all major relay competitions.  Salford Harriers truly are the best in the North West." Trevor Rayner 50(Experienced Runner)


"I joined the club a little over four months ago after Marathon training on my own for some time.  The club have made me feel very welcome at every session, and the members are all very supportive and friendly.  It's really made a difference to the training I've put in and I've picked up some great tips, and encouragement along the way to improving my PBs. There is a great mix of abilities and experience levels in the club and also a strong social side - something for everyone." Jim Wyatt 33(New Member)


"Having belonged to some of the leading clubs in the UK, I couldn't just join any club when I moved to the Manchester area. It had to be a club that shared my passion and ambition but also had a sense of history and was all inclusive, not elitist.  I looked at a number of clubs in the area but one club stood out head and shoulders above the rest, Salford Harriers.  Everything I saw or heard about Salford Harriers seemed to mirror my own attitude to running, so I joined them.  Despite being the newbie I was welcomed with open arms.  The support from other members really helps to make you want to train hard to be part of the whole Salford Harriers experience.  I know I made the right decision and I hope to remain a Salford Harrier for many years." Roger Alsop 48 (Experienced Runner)


"I have been with Salford Harriers for more years than I care to remember. It has been a memorable journey.  I've watched runners grow from acorns to oak trees. For friendliness there can't be many clubs to touch us. Even our International athletes will offer advice. From the 1960's to 2013, and hopefully onwards. Many years of fitness and pleasure". Sid Sacks 73(Long Serving Member)









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National X/C Champs    Men-20th

Northern X/C Champs   Men-4th, Women-9th

South East Lancs X/C League   Women-Winners

M/cr X/C League    Men-Winners

           British Masters X/c Champs  M35-4th, M45-Winners                                   M55-6th, M65-3rd                          

British Masters X/C Relays  M35-Runners-up, M45-Runners-up

National 6/4 Stage Relays   Men-17th, Women-18th

Northern 6/4 Stage Relays  Men-4th,  Women-6th

British Masters Road Relays  M35-3rd,  M45-Runners-Up
M55-Runners-up  M65-6th   

National 12/6 Stage Relays  Men-29th,  Women-23rd

Northern 12/6 Stage Relays  Men-3rd, Women-6th





               STUART ROBINSON-MARATHON                                   JOE BAILEY-10K ROAD                                




                DAVE LOCKETT-VETS INT X/C                             

 BEV SIMONS-VETS INT X/C                     

ERIC WILLIAMS-VETS INT X/C